Tractatus 23r//Pro herniosis
Tak sarcocoll. sanguinis draconis ana .2. peny weyth & brek in smal
poudre and gif þe seke to drynk iii {drachma symbol} sponful or .4. of whyt
wyn be þe mouwe // Pro tinea in capite, & scab vbicumque
et pro salsa fleuma in facie
Tak of alum .1. [drachma] of sulfur dimidium libram brek it in to smal
powdre. þanne tak fayr swynis gres & molte it & if it be
not clene ynow whan it molt kast it hot in kold
water & wasch it til it be whyt & þanne molte it ageyn
& tak it from þe feer and meddel þe powdre þer with
& ster it with a sclyce til it be kolde and þanne anoynt
þe seke. // Ad restringendum sanguinem
//Tak Gall and vitell grynd hem smal & tempre it with
ius of lekis and ley it to. Item stercus porcinus liga super locum
for sor eyen
//Tak .1. schopyn of whyt wyn as moch of well water
of alum .1. {drachma} of fenell as moch & þu ley al til þe alum
be molte and still þat water be a filter and put þerof in
þyn eyen whan þu gost to bedde. / for þe same
//Tak of gedsope & saffrone and yuory ana .1. peny weyght
and drynk þerof .ix.dayes. and ewy day .iii. peny weyght
//Or elles sethe hemp sede and drynk þerof .ix. dayes
Pro morbo caduco.
// Recipe calamentum aromatis. Gladiolum. & accorum. ana pistentur in
mortario & distempera cum aqua & cola per colaturam & evapora super
ignem quonsque sit spissi sicut sinapium & da pacienti in modicum
aceris vel castanee
+ Tetragramaton + et + machabeus +
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