Fol 95rThe full Hebrew title of this book is Beur ha-Helek ha-Teth misepher Harazi mehatahluim mikaf regel vead rosh. [Exposition of the Ninth part of Rhazes [dealing with] the diseases from foot to head]. The text begins with a preface by the translator, Tobiel ben Samuel de Leiria, followed by an introduction by the commentator Gerard de Solo, who quotes, among others, the Canon of Avicenna. This manuscript preserved 77 chapters of the original work by Rhazes (it usually consists of 95). Each chapter is a short treatise on a special disease or a phase of it. The following is an essential list of the various diseases and body disturbances covered:

Abdomen & stomach 46,65,70,75
Appetite 67
Apoplexy 4
Asthma 56
Blood (spitting or vomiting with) 59-60
Catarrh 14
Convulsion 6
Coughing 55
Heart 62
Influenza 11
Kidneys (stone in) 75
Lungs 58, 61
Liver 68-69
Melancholia 13
Mouth 9
Nose 39-40
Spasms 10
Spleen 71, 73
Swallowing a leech (how to remove it) 48
Teeth diseases 41-44
Throat 49-54
Tongue 50-53
Ulcers (in the mouth, etc.) 45-46
Urine disturbances 76-77

On some margins throughout the text there are additional notes by previous owners of the book, occasionally adding some medical information, explaining words, or attesting that they used a certain remedy prescribed in this book with successful results. On the vellum fly-leaf there are some astrological notes by a not much later hand than the original scribe. Fine drawings in various colors illuminate the beginning of the manuscript, the headings of the chapters, and various other prominent places (approximately 30 pages throughout the manuscript). The illuminations consist mainly of fancifully intertwined arabesques and grotesque forms of fantastic animals or distorted human faces.

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