Tractatus 22v//ffor to make whyt sope.
//Tak .1. busschel of clene bene asches mad of bene straw
and put þer to half a busschel of quyk lym and
put þese in a vessell of tre as it were a kowle and
loke þat þe vessell have an hole in þe botme for
to put þer in a staff and so make þerof lye with hoot
water and euer mor kast in hote water til it haue
na mor sauer of assches as þu may taste be þy tonge
þan loke how many galouns þu hast of lye and
tak so many pounde of clene schepis talgh. thanne
sethe þy lye til be half wastid a wey and kast
þerin .1. vncia or a lytil more of alum. and þanne
kast in þy talgh & medle him wel with þy lye
til it be thikke anow and þanne kast it owt into
formes. But in þe kastynge out into þy formes put
vndir neþe and above smal bene flour but not to moch
Also if þu se þat it be not þikke anow. kast in þer to bene
flourþ at be whyte and clene and þat schal make it þikke
anow. and so kast it in to formes. And drey it vp in
a wyndy hows and it schall be good.
//Also whytsope may be maad in þis maner with owte
any feer. Tak .1. libram of blak sope. and .1. libram of whyt wode
assches smal poudred & medle hem wel to gedre with
þyn handis. & kast it in to formes as is aforesayd.