The Reynolds-Finley Associates, in conjunction with the Historical Collections (HC) unit of UAB Libraries, University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB), are pleased to announce the availability of short-term awards of up to $2,500 to individual researchers. Intended to support research using the HC unit as a historical resource, the fellowship requires the on-site use of at least one of the unit’s three components, which are the Alabama Museum of the Health Sciences, Reynolds-Finley Historical Library and UAB Archives.

  • Alabama Museum of the Health Sciences – The Museum holds equipment, instruments, and objects representing the history and development of the health sciences. Among its holdings are the Nott pathological specimens, nineteen wax anatomical models purchased by Dr. Josiah Nott (1804-1873) and originally brought to Mobile, Alabama in October of 1860. The scope of the collection includes, but is not limited to the fields of medicine, nursing, ophthalmology, dentistry, public health, and allied health.
  • Reynolds-Finley Historical Library – The Reynolds-Finley Historical Library is a significant repository of materials relating to the history of medicine, science, and health care. Currently, the library holds approximately 20,000 rare books, manuscripts, journals, and pamphlets ranging in date from the 1300s to the mid-1900s, including medieval manuscripts, incunabula, and many of the world’s most important medical works. The history of contagious diseases, anatomy, surgery, dentistry, otolaryngology, ophthalmology, botanical medicine, electrotherapeutics, Civil War medicine, southern medicine, and 19th century diagnosis and therapeutics are some of the areas in which the library has especially strong holdings.
  • UAB Archives – The University Archives contains material relating to the history of the University of Alabama at Birmingham, its schools, academics, students, and social organizations including Blazer athletics. The Archives also contains material related to the health sciences in Alabama, including health disparities and disease history, the history of Birmingham, the arts and entertainment communities in Birmingham, as well as other social and cultural topics. The Archives also has a collection of over 5,100 published titles related to the LGBTQ community. Other primary resource material includes personal papers, corporate records, and an extensive collection of photographs.

Anyone who wishes to use HC for historical research may apply, regardless of his or her academic status. Fellowships are awarded to individual applicants, not to institutions, as awarded funds are meant to help offset the costs associated with visiting and utilizing HC and not for institutional overhead (e.g. clerical costs, supplies, or other attendant project expenses).

Non-UAB Applicants

Applicants from outside UAB should submit an outline of the proposed project and an abstract (not to exceed 250 words) stating its general scope and purpose; a budget listing travel and other attendant expenses; the length of the anticipated visit; a brief curriculum vitae; and two letters of recommendation (preferably from individuals familiar with the nature of the applicant’s research and scholarly interests). All materials must be submitted by February 28 to receive consideration for that year. Successful applicants will be expected to exhibit work or deposit a copy of the finished manuscript, thesis, dissertation or publication with Historical Collections.

UAB Applicants

Fellowships awarded to UAB applicants are intended to support professional travel and conference engagement for UAB faculty and student research that used the resources of the library’s Historical Collection unit. Applicants should include an outline of the proposed project, an abstract (not to exceed 250 words) stating how collection use will shape the project’s general scope and purpose, a brief curriculum vitae, and one letter of recommendation (preferably from individuals familiar with the nature of the applicant’s research and scholarly interests). Funding for travel expenses will be awarded on a case-by-case basis, and details of those requirements (i.e. budget of expenses) will be coordinated with the applicant. There is no deadline for fellowship applicants from UAB associates, as awards may be granted throughout the year.

To apply, or for more information, please contact:

Peggy Balch
UAB Lister Hill Library 301
1720 2nd Avenue South
Birmingham, AL 35294-0013