The 801 Building is a remote storage facility where less-frequently requested items in the collection are kept. These items are still available to library users and can be requested through the courier service. A sampling of items stored here include journals from the Sterne Library dating from 1999 and back, microfilm, microfiche, cassettes, albums, kits, and print books. Many of the items here may be of particular interest to individuals doing historical research.

Featured in the 801 Building: Music and Spoken Word Recordings

801 Building Record Collection

The 801 Building has a treasure trove of vinyl albums, CDs, and other formats of music and spoken word recordings. Music genres in the collection include jazz, classical, rock, country, musicals, and more. The collection also includes spoken word recordings, such as poetry and plays. Most items in the collection can be found in OneSearch, but you may also contact Brian Brookshaw for assistance in exploring items in a particular genre or topic or in locating a specific resource.