Tractatus20v lg//Oleum de vitellis ovorum. valet proprie contra combustionem ignis
vel aque & hoc modo debet fieri. Sumantur oua & coquan-
tur dura. tunc sumantur vitella pura & ponantur in patella
super ignem & ibi comburantur & declina patellam & exibit oleum.
// Oyle de Bay. Tak bayes and brek hem smal in a mor-
ter and medle hem with clene oyle de olyue and set
it ouer þe fier & let hem sethe til þe scomme wax al grene
and whanne it is kold streyne it thorgh a clene cloth
// Tak an handful of Beteyne
of verueyne. of pympernelle ana. Boyle alle þese in a potel
of whyt wyn til it be wastid in to a quartroun. þanne tak
.i. libram of newe wex & put in to þat licour aforseyd & stere
hem wel to gedre and streyne it thorgh a lynen cloth
þanne boyle þat mater. thanne tak half a quartroun of
mastyk as moch of frankensens and make þese in
to smal powdir and put it in to þe wex & sethe hem
togedre til þe weyn be wastid a wey in þe panne
thanne put half a pond of terbentyne to þe same &
stere al wey with a sclyce & þanne let it kele and
mak it in gobettis for it helith rygth wel. and gif
þe sor be hoot alay it with blancplum.
An oynement for all soris
//Tak boris grece and leuis of
laureole & brusse hem and frye hem to gedre and
streyne it thorgh a lynen cloth and þis oyle is good
for alle maner soris of brussure
A water for þe same
//ffor to make a good water for alle maner soris on a mannes
legge from þe kne dounward. Tak a galonof tan-
woos & do it ouer þe fier and let boyle in to þe thrid