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A series of images from the UAB Archives

Image of the Month (2017)

  • The Poor Little Matchgirl, 1988

    Three young actors on the set of a play
    December 2017 Image of the Month

    The world premiere of The Poor Little Matchgirl was on December 16, 1988, at UAB. The musical by Amos D. Carroll was based on the story by Hans Christian Andersen, and it was produced by UAB Town and Gown Theatre, with James F. Hatcher as producer and director.

    ID: P45.2

  • The University Hospital School of Nursing, circa 1958

    A group of students walk in front of the University Hospital School of Nursing
    November 2017 Image of the Month

    On November 26, 1958, an open house served as the official dedication of a new home for the nursing school operated by University Hospital. Prior to its acquisition, this building had been home to a beloved-Southside barbecue restaurant, known as Dr. Gus' BBQ. The program's occupancy of the building was short-lived, however, as the building was demolished in 1966 to make way for the Center for Developmental and Learning Disorders [Sparks Center].

    Image ID: P16.1.1, #062

  • Kaleidoscope staff at work, 1970

    Two members of the Kaleidoscope staff work at their desks
    October 2017 Image of the Month

    The Kaleidoscope, was first issued at the Birmingham campus on October 26, 1967. Patrick Cather was the founding editor and Melinda Hidle was co-editor. The newspaper first appeared as a monthly; currently the Kaleidoscope is a weekly paper available in print and online.

    For more information, and for current issues of UAB's student paper, see the website of the Kaleidoscope at http://www.uab.edu/studentmedia/kaleidoscope.

    Image ID: P7.2.7, #1919

  • UAB versus Evangel, September 14, 1991

    A football player runs past a defender
    September 2017 Image of the Month

    The first home game for the UAB Blazers as an NCAA Division III team was held at Legion Field. UAB lost to the Crusaders of Evangel College (Missouri). The Blazers recorded their first home win on November 9, defeating Hastings College by a score of 9-7.

    This month, UAB returned to the football field after an absence of two seasons. The Blazers defeated the Bulldogs of Alabama A&M by the score of 38-7. A record crowd of 45,212 attended the game at Legion Field on September 2, 2017.

    Go Blazers!!!

    Image ID: P6.1

  • Fran Sharp Merrell, August 1977

    Fran Sharp Merrell poses with a basketball above the court
    August 2017 Image of the Month

    Merrell, a former UAB student, became the first head coach of the Lady Blazer's basketball team in August 1977. Prior to the establishment of an NCAA-approved athletics program, UAB had offered intramural and intercollegiate teams for its students. The new Lady Blazers basketball team took the court for the first time on November 29, 1978. Merrell coached at UAB until 1981.

    Image ID: P23.3

  • Hillman Hospital Cornerstone, 1963

    Hillman Hospital Cornerstone
    July 2017 Image of the Month

    On July 12, 1902, cornerstones were laid for two new buildings, one for the Hillman Hospital and one for the adjacent Birmingham Medical College. The Hillman Hospital was originally founded as a charity hospital in 1888 by a group of Birmingham women. In 1897 the hospital's governing entity was incorporated by the State of Alabama; the names of these incorporators, the "Board of Lady Managers," appeared on the cornerstone of the new building. Hillman Hospital was opened in July 1903; it remains today on the UAB campus and is known as the "Old Hillman Building."

    Image ID: P16.1.1, #0293

  • UAB’s new process camera, 1977

    A woman adjusts a large process camera
    June 2017 Image of the Month

    Paula Dennis demonstrates the largest camera on the UAB campus, the Print Plant’s new room-sized process camera. The camera used 32 x 32 inch film and a 40 x 50 inch copy board. The Print Plant was moved into a leased building on the 2100 block of 5th Avenue South in 1976 and the university acquired several new pieces of equipment to meet the production needs of the UAB community.

    Image ID: P7.4.1, #0165

  • Lister Hill Library, circa 1997

    Exterior of Lister Hill Library for the Health Sciences
    May 2017 Image of the Month

    The expanded and renovated Lister Hill Library of the Health Sciences was rededicated in formal ceremonies on May 2, 1997. The original three-story building was opened in 1971 and had been named in honor of Lister Hill, Alabama's long-time member of Congress.

    Image ID: P7.3.13

  • President Charles A. McCallum, Jr., in his office, circa 1987

    President McCallum, Jr. sits on the side of his desk
    April 2017 Image of the Month

    Dr. McCallum became the third President of UAB in April 1987, and he served until September 1993. He had previously served as Vice President for Health Affairs, as dean of the School of Dentistry, and as chair of the Department of Oral Surgery. Dr. McCallum came to Birmingham in 1951 as an oral surgery intern and, in 1957, received an MD degree from the Birmingham medical school. After he retired from UAB, McCallum served two terms as Mayor of Vestavia Hills.

    Image ID: P7.2.1, #1082

  • Sterne Library Renovation, March 1987

    Shelving being installed in Sterne Library
    March 2017 Image of the Month

    Before a major move of printed material could be accomplished, new shelving had to be installed by library staff, students, and volunteers. Over 200,000 library volumes were then moved onto the shelving in the new addition of the Mervyn H. Sterne Library so that the original portion of the building could be renovated.

    Image ID: P23.3

  • Medical transcription, 1982

    A woman types on a computer
    February 2017 Image of the Month

    Cecelia Williams, transcription supervisor, uses one of six new word processing terminals installed in the medical records office at University Hospital.  UAB was the first hospital in the state to use word processors for transcription.  Departmental staff used the new terminals to complete transcription services for UAB physicians.

    Image ID: P7.4.1, #2229

  • Bartow Arena, 1997

    A ladder extends up from a truck to the Bartow Arena sign
    January 2017 Image of the Month

    On January 25, 1997, the arena was formally rededicated as the Gene Bartow Arena, renamed in honor of UAB’s founding Athletic Director and first coach of the men’s basketball team. Coach Bartow made the first shot in the building when the UAB Arena had originally been dedicated on May 19, 1988.

    Image ID: #P23.3

Mervyn H. Sterne Library

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