Image of the Month (2006)

  • December 2006 Image of the Month

    University Hospital and a special Christmas visitor send holiday greetings to hospital patients, visitors and staff, circa 1967.

    Image ID: P7.3.5: #092

  • November 2006 Image of the Month

    On November 24, 1978 the men's basketball team played its first NCAA-level game in front of more than 14,000 fans at the BJCC. The Blazers lost the game to Nebraska. Four days later, the Lady Blazers lost their first game against North Alabama. "Beauregard T. Rooster," the second mascot of UAB, debuted in 1979 and remained the University’s mascot throughout the 1980s.

    Image ID: P6, #001

  • October 2006 Image of the Month

    Homer W. Allgood, Jr., and Virginia D. Hamilton examine a diploma from the medical school's first commencement in Birmingham. Allgood was the first person to receive a diploma at the ceremony and Hamilton was the first female in the history of the medical school to receive the MD degree.

  • September 2006 Image of the Month

    At a press conference in Montgomery, Governor Brewer announced that the "University of Alabama in Birmingham" and the "University of Alabama in Huntsville" would become independent campuses and join the University of Alabama in a new three-campus administrative system. Meeting with the media are (left to right) Daniel T. McCall, Jr., member of the University of Alabama Board of Trustees; Dr. Joseph F. Volker, newly named president of UAB; Juanita Volker; Governor Brewer; Mary Mathews; Dr. F. David Mathews, president of the University of Alabama; and J. Rufus Bealle, Board secretary. Following a search process, Dr. Benjamin B. Graves would be named the first president of UAH in 1970.

    Image ID: P1, #0380b

  • August 2006 Image of the Month

    University College registration, September 1972. Registration for University College was held in the gymnasium of UAB's Bell Building. A total of 7,564 students enrolled in credit and non-credit courses during the two-day registration on September 21-22. Before the days of personal computers and online registration, UAB students would queue for their classes at tables placed around the gym.

    Image ID: P7.2.7, #2070

  • July 2006 Image of the Month

    Hillman Hospital, circa 1928. The Hillman Hospital was dedicated on July 15, 1903, but the history of the hospital itself reaches back to 1888 when a charity hospital was established in the young city of Birmingham. Ground was broken at the corner of South 20th Street and 6th Avenue South for the "new" Hillman Hospital in May of 1902. The Hillman Hospital building remains as part of the UAB Hospital complex.

    Image ID: MC51, #127g

  • June 2006 Image of the Month

    Optometry student Terrence N. Ingraham examines a patient, May 1978. Ingraham received his O.D. degree from the UAB School of Optometry in June 1978, becoming the first African American graduate of the school.

    Image ID: P7.4.1, #0675

  • May 2006 Image of the Month

    Jo Ann Hyatt, assistant instructor of nursing, examines the rare books housed in the Reynolds Historical Library at the University of Alabama Medical Center, Birmingham, 1958.

    Image ID: P7.2.8, #0579