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A series of images from the UAB Archives

Image of the Month (2010)

  • The Woodward House is decorated for the holidays, ca. 1984

    Exterior of Woodward House with a Christmas tree and wreath
    December 2010 Image of the Month

    The 23-room building atop Red Mountain was completed in 1926 as a home for the Woodward family.  In 1969 the mansion became the official home of the President of UAB.

    Image ID:  7.1.1

  • Preparing a feast for Thanksgiving Dinner, 1978

    Two male kitchen workers carry turkeys ready to be cooked
    November 2010 Image of the Month

    Hospital dietetics supervisors Ollie Griffie, Jr., (left) and Beverly Willingham (right) with some of the 700 pounds of turkey served in University Hospital on the holiday. The dietetics department also prepared over 300 pounds of sweet potatoes and 15 cases of cranberries.

    Image ID:  P7.4.1, #0993

  • Drs. Tinsley R. Harrison and Champ Lyons receive honorary degrees, October 1, 1965

    Four men group together in their graduation caps and gowns
    October 2010 Image of the Month

    In a special convocation ceremony at the Medical Center, the two medical school faculty members received honorary Doctor of Science degrees from The University of Alabama.  The previous October, the two physicians had been named Distinguished Professors, the first such designations awarded in the history of the university system.  Pictured at the Birmingham ceremony are (left to right):  President Frank A. Rose, Harrison, Vice President Joseph F. Volker, and Lyons.

    Image ID: P7.1.2, #0170

  • Nursing students receive instruction in University Hospital, 1967

    Four female nursing students study a patient chart
    September 2010 Image of the Month

    Reviewing a patient’s chart are (left to right) Linda West, Instructor June Williamson, Sandra Moody, and Frances Pippen. The School of Nursing was founded in September 1950 and was originally located at The University of Alabama. Nursing students first traveled from the Tuscaloosa campus to the Birmingham medical center in June 1953 to obtain clinical training. In August 1967 the school was moved to Birmingham to become an integral component of UAB.

    Image ID: P20.2, #1301

  • Registration for classes, 1971

    A young female student looks up from a catalog she's holding
    August 2010 Image of the Month

    A student considers her options during UAB’s campus registration held in the Bell Building gymnasium.

    Image ID: P7.3.1, #1015

  • Quarterback Tower nears completion, July 1977

    Exterior of Quarterback Tower
    July 2010 Image of the Month

    The Monday Morning Quarterback Club Tower was dedicated on July 18, 1977, adjacent to Jefferson Tower.  This addition to University Hospital was made possible by funding from the Monday Morning Quarterback Club, a fundraising arm of the Crippled Children’s Foundation.

    Image ID: P16.1.3, #3754

  • President S. Richardson Hill, Jr. and Gene Bartow, June 14, 1977

    A man hands a basketball to another man
    June 2010 Image of the Month

    President S. Richardson Hill, Jr., welcomes Gene Bartow (right) to UAB as the university's first athletic director and head coach of a new men's intercollegiate basketball team, June 14, 1977. Dr. Hill recruited Coach Bartow to UAB from his position as head coach of basketball powerhouse UCLA. Bartow served as coach until 1996 and as athletic director until 2000. In 1997 the UAB Arena was renamed Bartow Arena in his honor.

    Image ID: P7.2.7, #1180

  • Dr. Joseph F. Volker provides clinical instruction for dentists and dental students, Thailand, 1951

    Students watch a dental procedure being done by an instructor
    May 2010 Image of the Month

    Volker (far right), the founding dean of the dental school at UAB, spent three months in Thailand as part of a US State Department education program. Volker's trip was the first of many for him and for other UAB faculty, a tradition that has continued for six decades. Today UAB is formally affiliated with several health science institutions in Thailand.

    Image ID: P1, #0126

  • Student Julia Knight at work in the chemistry laboratory, 1967

    A chemistry student studies a device in the lab
    April 2010 Image of the Month

    The Department of Chemistry was established in 1966 as one of the original academic units in the College of General Studies. Originally housed within the Division of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, the chemistry department was part of the School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics from 1973 until 2009. In January 2010 chemistry became one of the academic departments in UAB's new College of Arts and Sciences.

    Image ID: P7.2.7, #1935

  • Students in the radiological technology program, circa 1975

    Students look on as a patient is under a radiology machine
    March 2010 Image of the Month

    The School of Health Professions has provided training in radiology technology since the school was originally established in 1969.  But a certificate-level program had been offered within the hospital since 1944.  When the School of Community and Allied Health Resources (today's School of Health Professions) was established, the program in radiology technology was transferred from the hospital to the new school.

    Image ID:  , P19.1, #0211

  • UAB's Olympian Vonetta Flowers in Bartow Arena, February 27, 2002

    Vionetta Flowers smiles as she signs autographs
    February 2010 Image of the Month

    Earlier in the month at the Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City, Utah, Flowers and team-mate Jill Bakken won the inaugural Women's Bobsled event.  Upon return to Birmingham, a public celebration was held in Bartow Arena for Flowers, an assistant coach of the UAB track team and an alumna of the university.

    Image ID: P7.3.13, #1232

  • UAB expansion begins, January 30, 1970

    Three men hold a shovel for a ceremony
    January 2010 Image of the Month

    At the groundbreaking ceremony for a new academic campus are (left to right): Dr. Joseph F. Volker, President of UAB; Albert P. Brewer, Governor of Alabama; and Dr. George W. Campbell, Dean of the College of General Studies. As faculty member Dr. Hubert Harper later remembered, they were in “a blighted environment…streets full of litter…some old houses still standing in the progressive decay… In this depressing environment…we stood in the dying day and the rising chill and witnessed" a very important occasion, the expansion of UAB. The first four buildings of this new western campus would be dedicated in ceremonies held in 1973.

    Image ID: P7.2.1, #360

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