Ludovic Hirschfeld’s Névrologie

Established in 2008, the Galbraith/Harsh/Morawetz Neurosurgery Collection is named in honor of three previous directors of the UAB Division of Neurosurgery, J. Garber Galbraith (director from 1951-1978), Griff R. Harsh, III (1978-1986) and Richard B. Morawetz (1988-2006). The division was established in 1951 as a formal unit within the Department of Surgery. This collection was created thanks to the generosity of donors from the division and department. A number of the donated books previously belonged to the namesake division directors. Also contained within are many of the published works (books, pamphlets and papers) by the two founders of American neurosurgery, Harvey W. Cushing (1869-1939) and Walter E. Dandy (1886-1946), and the noted English neurologist, J. Hughlings Jackson (1835-1911). In addition to neurosurgical papers, several atlases of the brain and spinal cord are included.

Image: from Ludovic Hirschfeld’s Névrologie, ou, Description et iconographie du système nerveux et des organes dessens de l'homme, Paris, 1853.