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Below is a brief but complete list of the 31 incunabula held by the Reynolds-Finley Historical Library.

  1. Arnold of Villanova, 1235-1312.
    Breviarium practicae medicinae. [Pavia, Antonio de Carcano, ca. 1485.]
    Fol. Ff. [103]. Marginal notes in ink in early hand.
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    Colored woodcut from the gems and stones section of the heavily illustrated natural science work, Hortus Sanitatis (1497)
  2. Arnold of Villanova, 1235-1312.
    De vinis. Translated by Wilhelm Renwart von Hirnkofen. [Esslingen, Conrad Fyner, 1478.]
    Fol. Ff. [16].
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  3. Avenzoar. [Abumeron], ca. 1092-1162.
    Liber theizir, with Averroes' Colliget. Edited by Hieronymus Surianus. Venice, Otinus de Luna, 1497.
    Fol. Ff. [103].
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  4. Bartholomeum montignanu philosophu medicu celeberrimu etas ista attulit. Qui multarum rerum cognitione scripturaru subtilitate ceteros sua etate phisicos superauit...
    1leaf port. Portion cut from leaf of early book (unidentified).
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    Illuminated initial and margins on the first leaf of Celsus’ De Medicina (1478)
  5. Celsus, Aulus Aurelius Cornelius, 25 B.C.-50 A.D.
    De medicina. Edited by Bartholomaeus Fontius. Florence, Nicolaus Laurentii, 1478.
    Sm. fol. Ff. [196]. Quire A and leaf g5-6 missing. Margins of [B]2 recto illuminated in gold, green, blue and lavender. 7 illuminated initials. Other initials, paragraph marks and designs in red.
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  6. Celsus, Aulus Aurelius Cornelius, 25 B.C.-50 A.D.
    De medicina. Milan, Leonardus Pachel and Ulrich Scinzenzeler, 1481.
    4to. Ff. [150]. First and last leaves (blank) missing.
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  7. Cicero, Marcus Tullius, 106 B.C.-43 B.C.
    M.T.C. Orationes. / Orationes. M.T.C. accusationum in C. Verrem. [fol.1 verso] / Pro Gn. Pompeio oratio. / M.T.C. pro lege Manilia sive de laudibus Gn. Pompei siva de impera/ / tore deligendo oratio. M.T.C. orationes foeliciter expliciut [fol. 2 verso]. [Venetiis: Per Bartholameum de Zanis de Portefio, die xiii. mensis Aprilis, 1499].
    Fol.; 124 leaves; 30 cm.
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  8. Descriptiones morborum in corpore humano existentium. Cum tractatulo de virtutibus benedicte quercus [by Arnold of Villanova]. [Memmingen, Albrecht Kunne], 1496.
    4to. Ff. [12].
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    Rubricated first leaf of Tractatus de febribus (1474), by Antonius Guianerius
  9. Gentilis de Fulgineo,    -1348.
    Expositio Gentilis in primam feri quarti Canonis Avicenna. Pavia, Antonio de Carcano, 1486.
    Fol. Ff. [218].
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  10. Guainerius, Antonius,    -1440.
    Tractatus de febribus...[Padua, Conradus de Paderborn, 1474.]
    Fol. Ff. [50]. Rubricated in blue and red. Bound in original binding of soft doeskin.
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  11. Guainerius, Antonius,    -1440.
    Tractutus de matricibus. [Padua, Conradus de Paderborn], 1474.
    Fol. Ff. [40].
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  12. Hortus sanitatis [maior].
    Hortus sanitatis. [Strassburg, Johann Prüss, 1497.]
    Fol. Ff. [360]. Three colored full page woodcuts, 1061 small colored woodcuts. Bound in contemporary blind-stamped calf on wooden boards.
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  13. Jacobi, Johannes.
    Tractatulus de pestilentia. [Regimen contra pestilentiam. Nuremberg, Conrad Zeninger, ca. 1482.]
    4to. Ff. [6]. Title written in manuscript heads first page. First leaf signed a2. Initial letters and initial strokes in red.
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  14. Jacobus de Varagine.
    The golden legend. [Westminster, Wynkyn de Worde.]
    Fol. 2 leaves.
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  15. Josephus, Flavius, 37?-95? A.D.
    Opera. Translated by Rufinus Aquileiensis. Edited by Hieronymus Squarzaficus. Venice, Joannes Rubeus Vercellensis, 1486.
    Fol. Ff. [274].
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    Full-page woodcut depicting physicians performing urine analysis, from Joannes de Ketham’s Fasciculus Medicinae (1500)
  16. [Ketham, Joannes de, 15th cent.]
    Fasciculus medicinae. Venice, Gregorius and Johannes de Gregoriis, 1500.
    Fol. Ff. [32].
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  17. Lazzarelli, Lodovico, 1450-1500.
    Opusculum de bombyce. [Rome, anon, 1493.]
    Sm. 4to. Ff. [6].
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  18. Magninus Mediolanensis, fl. 1305.
    Regimen sanitatis. [Lyons, J. Pivard?, ca. 1495-1500.]
    4to. Ff. 127, [3]. Old parchment manuscript for end papers. Half-bound in leather, wooden boards.
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  19. Maimonides, Moses, 1135-1204.
    Aphorismi secundum doctrinam Galeni. Bologna, Franciscus (Plato) de Benedictis, for Benedictus Hectoris, 1489.
    4to. Ff. [158].
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  20. Plinius Secundus (Gaius), 23-79 A.D.
    Caii Plinii historia naturalis libri 37. impressi Venetiis 1472. Ao. [Ms. writing in ink on fly leaf.] Venice, Nicolas Jenson, 1472.
    Fol. Ff. [355].
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  21. Rabanus Maurus, Archbishop of Mayence, 776?-856.
    De sermonum proprietate. [Strassburg, the R-printer (Adolf Rusch), 1467?]
    Fol. Ff. 169 + 8. Index in contemporary hand on eight leaves inserted between t6 and t7. Signatures in pencil.
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  22. Rainerius de Pisis.
    Pantheologia. Nuremburg, Anton Koberger, 1477.
    Fol. 1 leaf. One leaf only. Initial and initial strokes in red. Paragraph marks in red and blue.
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  23. Regimen sanitatis cum expositione magistri Arnaldi de Villa Nova. Venice, Bernardinus de Vitalibus, [after 1500?].
    4to. Ff. [60]. Marginal notes in an old hand.
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  24. Rhazes [Abu Bakr Muhammad ibn Zakariya al-Razi], 850?-923?
    Expositio noni libri Almansoris edita a clarissimo viro Joanne Arculano. Venice, Bonetus Locatellus for Octavianus Scotus, 1497.
    Fol. Ff. 177, [1].
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  25. Rhazes [Abu Bakr Muhammad ibn Zakariya al-Razi], 850?-923?
    Liber nonus ad Almansorem. With commentary of Sillanus de Nigris. Containing: Pretus de Tussignanus, Receptae super nonum ad Almansorem. Venice, Bernardinus Stagninus, 1483.
    Fol. Ff. [136]. Initials and paragraph marks in red and blue.
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    Woodcut depicting Arnold of Villanova at his desk with the tools of his trade around him and a boy handing him a uroscopy flask, Regimen Sanitatis (c. 1500)
  26. Rodericus Zamorensis, 1404-1470.
    Speculum vitae humanae. [Cologne, Ulrich Zell, 1472.]
    4to. Ff. [6,200]. Rubricated throughout text; early binding of calf over oak boards.
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  27. Savonarola, Johannes Michael, 1382-1462.
    Canonica de febribus. Bologna, Dionysius Bertochus, 1487.
    Fol. Ff. [124].
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  28. Savonarola, Johannes Michael, 1382-1462.
    De balneis et thermis naturalibus omnibus Italiae. Ferrara, Andreas Belfortis, 1485.
    Sm. fol. Ff. [40].
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  29. Savonarola, Johannes Michael, 1382-1462.
    Summa de pulsibus, urinis et egestionibus. Bologna, Hendrik de Harlem and Johannes Walbeck, 1487.
    Fol. Ff. [64].
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  30. Schedel, Hartmann, 1440-1514.
    Liber chronicarum. Nuremberg, Anton Koberger, 1493.
    Fol. 1 leaf. 7 woodcuts on leaf.
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  31. Albertus, Magnus, Saint, 1193?-1280.
    De secretis mulierum et virorum. Augsburg, Johann Froschauer, 1505?
    4to. Ff. [34].
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