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Lister Hill Library 3D Printing

Location: LHL 110
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For more information on 3D printing or to view 3D modeling tutorials, visit the 3D Printing research guide.


3D Printing Guidelines



Anyone interested in using a 3D printer in the UAB Libraries must complete required training and review and certify the UAB Libraries 3D Printing Guidelines through Adobe Sign. The certification includes the following:

By using the 3D technology, users are certifying that the objects they are printing:

  1. Are not prohibited by law.

  2. Are not unsafe, harmful, dangerous or threatening to the well-being of others.

  3. Are not obscene or otherwise inappropriate.

  4. Do not knowingly violate another’s intellectual property or privacy rights.

  5. Are not and will not intended for direct sale, retail, or immediate commercial use.

  6. Will not be used in human research or human clinical settings other than for educational purposes.

  7. Will not be used in animal laboratory settings without first obtaining approval from the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC).


3D Printing Limits

Beginning Aug. 21, 2023, print job limit times in 3DPrinterOS will be increased from eight hours to 10, and monthly print job submissions in 3DPrinterOS will be limited to five jobs submissions for each individual user. If an academic or research project has print requirements outside of those limits, contact Patrick Boggs, technology labs manager, at

For SLA (resin) printers, all prints must be submitted via the Formlabs Dashboard (SLA printer training is required to obtain access to the dashboard).


Upcoming 3D Printer Trainings

Can’t make it to a training? Fill out a consultation request form to learn about alternatives. Classroom instruction also is available by request.