Our resources are available to current faculty, staff, residents and staff of the UAB Huntsville Regional Medical Campus. We do not lend items or provide digital resource access to anyone unaffiliated with UAB. Community physicians who hold an adjunct faculty position with the Huntsville campus have access to all Sparks Library resources as long as they have a Blazer ID and password and are currently teaching UAB Huntsville students or residents.

Many of Sparks Library’s books are available to the greater UAB community through Interlibrary Loan. Books that are not available for loan include current editions of Board Review and Step 2 & 3 books, as well as current editions of select textbooks that circulate heavily for student clinical rotations.

There is no limit to the number of items you may check out, nor are there late fees. We ask that items are returned on time so that others have the chance to check them out. Items that are lost or damaged will be charged to your library account at their original purchase price.

All items checkout for four weeks with one (1) renewal. There are multiple ways to renew; you can email us, use the self-checkout machine, or log in to your account on the UAB Libraries webpage.

Campus members who wish to access a book not currently held by the Sparks Library can browse the e-book collection or contact Alan Backer at alanbacker@uabmc.edu to inquire about ordering the title for the Sparks Library collection.

Access to the library outside of business hours is limited to UAB Huntsville faculty, staff, residents and students with a key fob. We do not provide key fobs to non-affiliates of the campus. Non-UAB health workers and medical students are welcome to visit the library during business hours to study and browse our physical resources, but will not be able to check them out.

Food and drinks are allowed in the library as long as you clean up after yourself.