Printing & Photocopying

LHL@UH does not use the Wepa print system. Black and white printing and photocopying are available at no cost for hospital work-related purposes.

Computer Use & Wireless Connections

LHL@UH has 12 computers available: 6 Sunray terminals on the hospital network (requiring an access card), and 6 PCs on the campus network (requiring BlazerID and password for access). Hospital work-related activities take priority for computer use. Ask library staff for details on the applications available in the library.

UAB Hospital has several WIFI networks available. UABHS-Public is open and can be accessed by anyone in the hospital. Access to all other networks is managed by HSIS.

Other Equipment Available at LHL @ University Hospital

LHL@UH has bw/color scanning available at no charge; documents must be sent to a UAB or UABMC email address only.

Fax send and receive is available at no charge for hospital business-related purposes.