UAB Libraries and UAB’s Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) have similar goals: to increase learning through enhancing faculty teaching skills. A collaboration between these two entities can lead to student success and faculty teaching improvement. As the amount of information available through the library and online increases, defining and narrowing relevant resources has become more difficult.

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Registration for the Fall 2019 Business Research Toolkit is now open at The link is also accessible on the Business Research Toolkit Guide. Registration is limited to 120 participants. There is no cost to take the BRT, and it is open to any current UAB student, faculty, or staff member. The last day to register is Thursday, September 5, 2019.


UAB Libraries is pleased to announce that the Public Health Information Literacy Certificate Course (Category B, non-credit) is now available on Canvas for the Fall Semester!


This UAB Libraries technology workshop will provide an introduction to modeling for 3D printing using the free browser-based design software TinkerCAD. TinkerCAD is easy-to-use design software that does not require any previous knowledge of modeling, programming, or 3D printing. Beginners and interested individuals with no previous experience in this area are highly encouraged to attend. These sessions are open to anyone with a valid Blazer ID and password, including students, faculty, and staff. The content of each session in this series will be the same. Participants are welcome to attend multiple sessions.


Registration for the Spring 2019 Business Research Toolkit is now open. To register, visit the registration page. The link is also accessible on the Business Research Toolkit Guide. The last day to register is Sunday, January 13, 2019.


The next 10 Minute Talk focusing on State-of-the-Art Reviews will be held online on Wednesday, March 21, from 12:00-12:30 pm. Visit our Research Guide to register.

The UAB Libraries 10 Minute Talks series is intended to provide detailed information on specific topics in a short amount of time to better serve the scheduling needs of busy faculty, researchers, and students. These sessions will provide information on specific topics related to research activities and will include information on relevant UAB Libraries resources. The Spring 2018 series from Lister Hill Library will focus on types of reviews with the goal of providing information on publication alternatives to systematic reviews.


Posters are a common medium for communicating information about your research, yet poster creation itself can be frustrating and time-consuming. Join us on Monday, March 19, from 5:00-6:00 pm, for this online workshop, which will provide an introduction to poster design and will include information on using templates, effective use of images and infographics, and tips and tricks for transporting posters to off-campus locations. To register for this class, or to learn about other upcoming workshops, visit our Research Guide.

Join Dr. David Redden (School of Public Health) and Dorothy Ogdon (UAB Libraries) to learn about “Creating a Data Management Plan” for your research, on Friday, February 23, 2018, at 8:30 a.m., at UAB Lister Hill Library (Ground Floor Testing Lab G17)! This will be a two hour workshop – the first hour will be lectures and the second allowing hands on practice. For more information and to register, click here. Stay tuned for follow-up workshops on data management in March and April!

Sign up to take "Systematic Review Tools - Results Screening (Covidence & Rayyan)" on Tuesday, January 30, from 12:00-1:00pm. This online workshop will cover the features of Covidence and Rayyan, two tools to help systematic review teams collaborate in screening results. To register for this class, or to see what other workshops are being held this Spring, visit our Research Guide.