UAB Libraries proudly present its Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Task Force. This new task force has been charged with developing and proposing short-and long-term DEI goals to the Dean of Libraries. Additionally, it initiates and supports Libraries’ services, policies and programming focused on DEI. The task force hopes to collaborate with UAB’s Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion as well as to identify other campus and community partners.

frontline library worker 600x450While it is recognized that sometimes discussions around race, sexual orientation and gender expression can be uncomfortable, we ask participants to be respectful and consider the library as a safe space where varying viewpoints can be discussed. It is important to note that DEI work is everyone’s responsibility and UAB Libraries is committed to developing and promoting a welcoming, diverse, and inclusive environment.

Our inaugural programming theme is entitled “UAB Libraries on the Frontline: Keeping Users Ablaze” beginning with an interview with one of our 14 year library veterans on a variety of topics, including the pandemic, race relations, and the significant role he played in preparing UAB Libraries for re-entry.

Be sure to watch for additions to this project and other upcoming DEI initiatives.