The Reference Department assists patrons with identifying, locating, and using resources available both within and outside of UAB Libraries.

Schedule a Consultation

Schedule an appointment to meet with a librarian. Consultations with librarians can be made for questions dealing with research and research tools, citations, databases, and many other concerns.

Lister Hill Library

The HUB is located on the first floor of the Lister Hill Library and serves as the primary service point for your informational needs in the health sciences. Come by or call 205.934.2231 for more information.

Sterne Library

The OneDesk is located on the first floor of the Sterne Library and serves as the primary service point for your informational needs from the Sterne Library. Come by or call 205.934.6364 for more information.

Lister Hill Library at University Hospital

Two full-time librarians and a full-time library associate are available to provide on-site assistance to the faculty and staff of UAB Medicine. The reference librarians can help with a wide variety of information needs, including mediated literature searches, consultations on specific information needs, assistance with locating resources, and hands-on training for individual groups. Requests for these services may be made in person, by telephone, by email, or by fax. Visit the LHL@UH section.

Reynolds-Finley Historical Library

The Reynolds-Finley Historical Library is a non-circulating rare book collection open to all researchers investigating topics relevant to the history of medicine, science and health care. Please contact us at 205.934.4475 or to discuss your research and schedule an appointment. Learn more about the Reynolds-Finley Historical Library.

UAB Archives

Reference services are provided to both the university community and the general public. All persons who visit UAB Archives to conduct research are interviewed by staff to determine the scope of research and the most effective research strategy in the usage of UAB records. Staff explains applicable usage restrictions during this interview. Requests for research assistance may be made via telephone or by email. Visit the UAB Archives contact section.

Additional Resources

The following are some popular research resources available through UAB Libraries

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