In order to better serve the student users and accommodate the high demand of the study room spaces at Lister Hill Library, changes will be made to the group and single study room reservation policy. The most prominent change will be beginning June 3, 2018, all rooms will be locked and students will have to report the HUB Service Desk to check out the room key.

To successfully complete the room reservation and to check out a key, students will have to present a valid UAB ID card. Groups will have to have at least two of their party members present to check out keys. Reservations will have to include the student’s full name, school affiliation, an active phone number, and a current UAB email address. All this information will be checked and verified at the HUB desk during the time of checking out the key.

A group must vacate the room when the key is due and turn in the key at the HUB service desk. If another person in the group has made a reservation on the room, the group will not have to vacate but the person holding the next reservation must accompany the key to the desk so that it can be checked out to them. Keys cannot be transferred from one user to another user without being checked in and checked out again at the HUB service desk.

The rooms will continue to be available on a first-come, first-served basis, and can be booked a day in advance online or in person. Anyone with questions regarding these policy changes should contact the Lister Hill Library HUB Service Desk supervisor, Errica Evans, at 205-934-3469 or via email at